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__________________ Option A: Increasing Levels of Difficulty

Imagine an explanatory essay on a topic like “decentralized identifiers (DID)”, for some of you you may know exactly what this is, for others, you may have heard of the term but that’s about it, and there are those of you who have never heard of a DID.

To cater to varying ranges of latent knowledge, the essay will walk through a topic at increasing levels of resolution: beginner, intermediate, advanced, (and for subjects, I am an expert in) expert.


__________________ Option B: Dear Amy

Answering your questions on emerging technology, design, and how to proceed in society.

Imagine getting answers to questions to “my kid is two, should I let them use a VR headset.” Or, “All of my colleagues have AR glasses, am I missing something?”

INSPIRED BY: The original advice columnist herself, Dear Amy. (And by my own mother, Amy, to whom I often had to answer important questions about my field which hadn’t yet occurred to me or my colleagues.)

__________________ Option C:

Imagine an explanatory essay, this time on the more ethereal topic: “masks in a time of augmentation and reality,” but an essay with more than just words. A kind of mixed-media collage where the essay is best understood in collaboration with the other media.



__________________ Option D: Link Roundup

Imagine a list of links ordered by hot takes. For example:

HOT TAKE: Ethereum will have the same life span as Adobe Flash.

Followed by a series of links that speak to that hot take.


__________________ Option E: Business Idea Pitch

Imagine an essay formatted like a memo “to the board” where you are the board. The memo will present you with a novel business concept. By reading the memo you will build an understanding of unique applications of emerging technologies, thereby enhancing your overall grasp of the emerging future.