__________ NIKE
“Caseysimone led a team to create a new business for one of the world's leading brands [Nike]. Her spirit, inquisitiveness, and creativity opened new doors and helped make something magical. To best learn from end users, she immersed herself in the process and watched, listened and probed as they used the new idea in real life. She is wise beyond her years.”

— Wing Pepper, COO Factory

ROLE: Freelance Consultant 
TYPE: Team Project 
INNOVATION: Create modular testing environments that could be set up in spaces across the country.
Pop-up testing environments used to validate three unbranded prototypes. Athletes from Dallas and NYC allowed our team to test the core ideas behind each prototype without the weight of the Nike brand affecting their feedback.
Tailored immersive pop-up testing environments, conducted qualitative interviews, annotated observational notes on users’ behavioral responses. The testing environment was crucial to our experimentation design, and after each round of testing, research was collated to finesse testing environments for maximum insight generation.