Shared Dwelling
Residential proposal for a shared living space for three families. Proposal examines how non-related families can live together sharing main living spaces. The design focuses on the belief that more home resources can be efficiently shared, for example, one kitchen instead of three.

ROLE: Researcher + Designer 
TYPE: Independent Project 
COURSE: Adv. Architecture Studio 
INNOVATION: Make better use of resources by accomodating multiple families in one larger home with shared living areas.
In order to create design parameters for this speculative project, I interviewed three individuals and asked them to imagine a family profile -- to imagine a family who would be interested in an urban co-living experiment with two other families.

Over the course of several role-playing sessions, interviewees were asked to embody their characters as the “Family Representative.” Before design began, Family Representatives gave individual and group interviews in character with the two other Family Representatives.$