__________ CISCO + PARTNERS
“In a 48 hour period, the group created solid prototypes that they forecast could deliver billions of dollars of economic value to retail ... I’m incredibly impressed by the results of this session."
— Wim Elfrink, President, WPE Ventures Digitized Solutions, Cisco

ROLE: Freelance Consultant 
TYPE: Team Project 
CLIENT: CISCO + Partners
INNOVATION: Integrate decision-making stakeholders into the rapid prototyping workshop on a large scale so executive buy-in was guaranteed.
48-hour workshop brought together a large group of executives across key departments in each partner company (Cisco, DHL, Caterpillar, and Frog) to prototype, ideate, and test out different experiments with real customers.
I was tasked with managing the testing environment so that the executives were able to iterate together with real customers.