__________ RESEARCH
This work grew out of a course I took in the first semester of graduate school at the TU Delft. After receiving one of highest grades in the course, I was invited by two professors to continue the work. They showed me the ropes to academic publishing (which I took to like a fish to water). I count meeting them as one of the most important milestones in my intellectual development).

ROLE: First Author TYPE: Conference Paper LAB: People in Transport 
INNOVATION: Created one of very few documentations of processes taken by folks in industry in order to create spatial computing artifacts.
I am still pursuing the work to this day. The journal version of the paper with an additional 15 interviews, is in review, and hopefully will be out in the spring.
Interviews with four industry spatial computing experts were focused on the topic inquiry, “whether/how/when is ethics procedurally integrated into the creation of Spatial Computing artifacts?”
Two of the four stages we identified in the conference paper held true in the extended research conducted this summer. Stage Two (now One), has roots in Zimmerman et al.’s work on the research-practice barrier. In this stage, synthesis occurs. Stage Three (now Two) impresses the complicated nature of SComp Artifacts as both tangible and intangible, with varying types of data.

Prof. Euiyoung Kim and Prof. Senthil Chandrasegaran